My Heroes

My heroes are the ones

who did not love me back.

I swallowed

the nothing they gave

and it became a whole galaxy

inside my stomach.

The stars to aim for

and the word-birthing nebulae

are all in me –

it doesn’t matter that

the black holes

give me nausea in the morning.

A friend said the ability to feel

is an astounding thing all by itself,

and this is why I always remember to thank them –

For the restlessness that makes me work

muscle and bone

and keeps me looking younger

than would be polite

in my thirties.

For the madness

that makes me attack keyboards

like a hellion.

For the spite

that pushes me to get up

and walk on.

For all the other things

that I can still do,

all by myself,

with not a even a word from you –

from any of you,

who have forgotten me.

Thank you.



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3 responses to “My Heroes

  1. It touched me on a level. Like telling a story that I knew of but had forgotten to remember again. Happy Writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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