Before It Sets You Free – Feedback So Far

Hello, dear followers and thank you to everyone who downloaded my new poetry book, Before It Sets You Free, during last week’s free campaign on Amazon.


Here is some feedback I’ve received so far:

“In August, 2014, I enjoyed reading and reviewing, Hidden Animals, a book of short stories and poems by Anca Rotar, so I was pleased when she announced the publication of her second book, Before It Sets You Free. Her new book has no short stories, only poems, but there are tales woven into some of the verses. Certainly, it is as good as her first book and is just as strange and original. Anca Rotar is a clever writer, who has created her own world on the page in her works, which is good. As in the strange tales and poems in her first book, she reveals in her new one that she has a clear wit and can be very funny, which is hard to do in prose or verse. There is the amusing tale in one poem, for example, concerned with the theft of the bronze head of Emperor Nero from a museum. Then there are the last few lines of a poem called Passenger Seat, which made me laugh. So she has a sense of humour, which is refreshing. Mostly, she is a serious writer, one who is positive, and gives the reader hope. […] For me, one mark of a good poem is that it has memorable, quotable lines. In her works, Anca Rotar reveals that she is well read and loves literature, a skilled poet who can write […] fine lines […].” (Philip Dodd, author, on Goodreads and Amazon UK)

“It will make you love poetry more! Anca has grabbed my attention from her very first poem and had me read the eBook till the last one. A roller coaster of images and emotions you want to jump on again and again.” (A.G. Billig, author, on Amazon)


And from a comment left here on my blog:

“The book „Before it sets you free” is written from a place of searching for the truth, which, before it sets you free, must “happen to you”… This truth is not a common truth, but it is that kind of truth which can be found only by searching in the deepest places of the human soul and by performing the special alchemy of turning the ashes into diamonds.” (Bianca Szasz, reader)


Thank you again! It makes me happy to be able to reach people through my writing.


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