New Book Is Baking!

Hello, everyone! I’m so excited because my new poetry book is being prepared to go live in Amazon’s Kindle Store as I’m typing this and new adventures in indie are about to begin.

This would not have been possible without help from my friend, Laura Livia Grigore, who designed the cover. I therefore invite you to check out Laura’s artwork and writing at Paintings and Adventures.

Aaaaand, here is the cover:



Truth, they say, will set you free, but truth is not an end, but a continuous process. To make things even more complicated, it also has (at least) a thousand faces. Truth lies in the cosmic and the mundane, the obscure and the straight-forward, the kind and the sarcastic, the wonderful and the weird. The 50 poems in this book do not presume to hold the key to the truth, but are merely an expression of a fascination with the constant befores in a never-ending journey.

Book price is $2.99.

You can help by liking and sharing this post and, of course, making some room for it on your Kindle.



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6 responses to “New Book Is Baking!

  1. From the first moments I came in contact with Anca, I knew that she is that kind of a “bright star souls” who shine through their poems like no others. The book „Before it sets you free” is written from a place of searching for the truth, which, before it sets you free, must “happen to you”… This truth is not a common truth, but it is that kind of truth which can be found only by searching in the deepest places of the human soul and by performing the special alchemy of turning the ashes into diamonds. With the eyes turned inwards, the frailty of a person becomes the person’s power and Anca, as the famous Phoenix bird, in the shine of the new revealed truths, will rise over and over again, above them all.

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