Angel Radio

You’ve been tuning in
to the angel radio.
You can’t fool me –
I added all the podcasts
to my iTunes.
I name-drop random pop artists
when the people ask me
what I’m listening to.
I will not say
there’s no place for us in their world,
but there is no place for us in their world.
You can’t sit with the hipsters,
and you can’t sit with the corporate drones.
Sit with me –
I don’t care about your money,
whether you have it, or you don’t.
You are kind,
except when it comes to yourself –
you feel the need to be an arrow,
but you still giggle like a seven-year-old
when you watch Physics of the Impossible –
you know that with or without the meta,
it’s all the same thing.
Here we are talking of patterns,
dissecting the self-propagating
systems of earthly power,
wondering at the fear of death.
I like the part where the discussion
veers towards android morality –
because we can snicker
when eavesdroppers
nervously reach for their phones.



Filed under poetry

2 responses to “Angel Radio

  1. Long but sweet! I Like your simplicity, but still emotional strong use of free-verse. Good-job!


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