21st Century

The glassy-eyed one sings of love –
even when she is quiet
she can’t close
her syringe-kissed mouth.
Come, let us guess
the riddle of the times –
if you separate the body
from the body –
you are still material,
yet you are nothing –
and you can do anything –
anything at all –
whatever you want,
but still
you can’t run
from the things
that beg to laugh
in your face.
I bought a sandwich
and a mochaccino
at the museum of cruelty –
it made me hungry –
watching the blood spurt from your necks
as you live your lives
like farm fowl
of your lost heads –
You see, I come here often
to learn new tricks –
it’s not hard to find
it’s anywhere you can think.
You ask if it gets better
and I choke on my drink –
a premeditated accident –
I cough so I don’t laugh,
because you haven’t yet figured out
that is beside the point.


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