New Wattpad Story

Hello, everyone!

I posted a new story on Wattpad because it was too long to post here. I’m hoping it will remain there, and that they won’t remove it due to one very violent scene…

I’m not exactly sure how that website works yet, but I hope to figure it out soon, because I’m planning to post another lengthy story in a few days.

Here is the description:

This is the longest story I’ve written so far (as of April 2015 – longer works are planned, of course). It’s a fantasy story that takes place in a setting similar to the Roman Empire, hence the cover image, which is a picture of a Roman-inspired statue that I took in the Liverpool Fine Arts Museum a few years ago. The story is a first draft, so please excuse any errors you may find. They will be taken care of in due time.

TRIGGER WARNING: Contains a brutal murder (committed by a character inspired by Emperor Nero, so if you know about Nero and the stuff he did, you might have an idea). If you think this is too much for you, please don’t read (of course, I want people to read my story, but I don’t want to upset or hurt anyone).


Click here to read.



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3 responses to “New Wattpad Story

  1. dmlogan

    Hey! I use wattpad a lot and I don’t think they would remove it, just put it under action or whatever best suits your book(:


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