NOTE: Because I am currently reading Watership Down, I thought it would be appropriate to post this poem I’ve written a while ago. Also, I already know that thing about Hazel because I’ve been spoiled while taking a book quiz that had spoilers in the questions. So, this is for Hazel, though I must confess I also have a soft spot for Fiver because of the psychic thing.


In the middle of my city,
there was a garden
where rabbits lived
among the ferns and tomatoes
growing through the cracks
in the concrete,
silent and fast,
unaware of the traffic jams
and the ticking of the clocks
outside the garden wall,
never asking for anything.
That was then.

The rabbits are gone now –
I know because I walked by that place yesterday.
There was a monster on the gate,
blood was dripping
from the corners of his mouth
and his eyes were covered by a sign –
It said that the new office building
would be completed in two years’ time.



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2 responses to “Rabbits

  1. If you enjoy reading Watership Down by Richard Adams, you may like two other books by him, Shardik and The Girl In The Swing.


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