Death’s Door

We are all at death’s door –
mind you, I am not some child
in artfully torn clothes –
and this is just an observation –
that we are all at death’s door.
Ghiberti on the side of heaven
and Rodin on the side of hell –
careful –
you’re being deceived –
all opposition is false.
When we have died enough times
we will all be one –
consciousness –
free of all our bodies
and therefore free of all desire.
Noumenon –
the self-sufficient
the only thing that is –
and yet,
it’s so hard to believe in it
while we have senses –
so hard to believe
that we are all the same,
when I miss you.
(keep in mind
that there’s more than one meaning
attached to the verb
“to miss”).
I always miss you
and even if you were here,
I would still miss you
always –
constantly –
which must mean
that the one I miss
always and constantly
is myself.


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